Victor S82B

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* Outsole : VSR Rubber
* Midsole : Light resilient EVA + EnergyMax V + TPU + Carbon Power + Solid EVA
* Upper : Textile + V-Durable Plus + PU Leather + Double Mesh

Victor S82 B

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De nieuwe Victor S82B schoen in 'Speed' Serie.
Een simpel design aan de buitenkant, maar volledig uitgerust met de nieuwste technologieën.


The three-dimensional carbon fiber sheet provides mid-sole stability and decreases the torsional strain on the foot's arch.

A new, completely upgraded lightweight, highly resilient, and durable midsole, which has a 16% increase in durability when compared to the original high resilient EVA.
It improves the life-span of shoes, reduced 19% of weight, flexibility increased by 5% and lowered muscle burden in intensive exercises, which allows one to take agile paces quickly.

The V-Shpaed square design allows a light-weight and minimized landing area, while providing the anti-slip for vertical and lateral movements. This gives you more responsive and agile footwork while providing additional durability.

A unique breahting mesh layer is used to increase ventilation. It facilitates the heat dissipation. This creates a more comfortable environment fot the feet.

New dual-density wedge structure midsole combine the ENERGYMAX 3.0 on top and Light Resilient EVA beneath, in accordance with the principles of sports biomechanics tangent angle of 7°, to balance the moments and angles of knee and ankle joint during exercise, achieving energy absorption and stable support together.

Upgraded outsole rubber, slip-resistant performance increased by 21% on dry PU floor.

The inner surface of the toe is equipped with protective coatings and a wear-resistant layer for upgraded endurance. In a wear level testing, the wear-resistant technology appllied to the toe is proved 8 times more wear-resistant than average PU leather.

ENERGYMAX V imporves the shock absorption on the heels when striding forward. Strenghten the rebound ability of the heels during speedy defence. The shock absorbability is increased by 27% and the bounce power is raised by 30%

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